FW 1884 SIL to DIL adapter & protection


FW 1884 SIL to DIL adapter

Update; Since the price for the discrete OPA2604’s is here locally gone up dramatically we are forced to raise the price for the kit that contains the OPA2604’s. Alternatively you can look  and buy locally your OPAxxxx opamps  (or derivative models) and buy our bare board with socket and place the opamp yourself.

Back in stock, the SIL to DIL adapter made for the Tascam FW 1884 mixer. (of course you can use it for any SIL to DIL job,…)

This adapter includes 8 fast protecion diodes that will protect you precious input from getting fried / blown when disconnect phantom power. (And also to any form of nasty static discharge issues)

Standard the adapter will be delivered with NE5532 low noise opamps, this a a value for money opamp that already improves the inputs by a big step.

As option we can mount BB OPA2604’s Jfet opamps on the adapters, these are extremely good  opamps that combines low noise with crystal clear sounds. Especially sensitive string instruments (like violin / piano / acoustic guitar) and voices does sound very good with this opamp.

If you want to use your own opamps or you want to experiment we can mount a high quality ic socket on the PCB, that way you can knock yourself out in swapping and testing the various type of opamps.

One kit covers two inputs so for all 8 inputs you need 4 kits.

Prices (incl 21% BTW / VAT excl shipping);

  • Type 1, Adapter build, no opamp, no socket;  €15,25
  • Type 2, Adapter build, no opamp, gold plated socket; €16,25
  • Type 3, Adapter build, NE5532, no socket; €16,75
  • Type 4, Adapter build, NE5532, gold plated socket; €17,75
  • Type 5, Adapter build, OPA2604, no socket; €22,75
  • Type 6, Adapter build, OPA2604, gold plated socket; €23,75

In case you’re interested, just drop me an email and I reply you asap.


The second component to add will be a small MKP (ish) capacitor (8 for a whole refurbish job)  over an existing resistor (see mounting instructions) This can be any fast MKx / Mylar / Ceramic capacitor with a value between 220nf (0.22uf) and 1uf with a working voltage of 35 volts or higher. This capacitor is not part of the kit so you’ve to obtain this yourselves at you local parts dealer.  It’s not disastrous if you decide not to do this but seen the fact you have the unit up side down already I would strongly advice you to add this capacitor. It’s reduces noise and contribute to a more balanced sound stage. 



Mounting instructions can be found here; MFWM_26_08_12

Schematics can be found here; FW-1884_SCH




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